Friday, July 11, 2008

My Turn

He sits at the edge of the bed, and I can’t help but want to touch him. I crawl toward him, and rub my cheek against the backs of his knuckles loving the feel of his quick response. The palm opened and caressed my cheek, traveled to cup the back of my head, and played with my hair.

In his arms a few moments later, and unable to resist the feel of his skin on my lips, the same hand finds its way between my thighs and he uses the fingertips to tap and scratch the tender, greedy, skin there. Having needed his touch for so long the orgasm that rips through my body as his fingers enter my eager pussy takes over me. It tosses my head back. It opens my mouth and changes my grateful whimpers to groans of whorish delight. It forces my hand across his body and leaves a bright red trail, like the signature of an animal, from the back of one thigh to the opposite nipple. I press back against him, and stifle my own cries with his erection. Trying desperately to communicate both my appreciation and my pleasure I play with the tension in my lips. I roll my tongue. I use my fingers and breath against his flesh to make his hips buck and watch his muscles tighten in his abdomen, and thighs. I feel him surge and indulge his instinct only for a moment before releasing the hold my lips have on him, having come to the conclusion that this time, it’s about me.

For the first time for me our touch is not about him playing with me to see what happens or me touching him to please him, it’s about getting what I need. Motivated by my own needs I mount him and using his erection against my G spot, come again. Gaining trust in my decision I dismount, wanting to feel more of him against me. I lay beside him side to back and right away his hand finds my neck and his nails bite as deep as he can make them, I roll my hips and scissor my legs with his, letting his cock press against my sex, loving the feel of it sliding in my wetness, the rim flicking my clit and with each passing bringing me closer to another orgasm. Unafraid now to direct I call out my needs and he obliges beautifully, tightening his grip on my throat and pressing his hips harder into mine. The animal inside takes over and in a simple movement I bring him inside me and tighten myself around him, bucking and gasping I rip trough myself and fill my own world with the pleasure I'm using him for.

When my body is satisfied, I empty myself of his erection. He is left without orgasm, and we both know that its ok. The encounter progresses to merely friendly touches and caresses and the night ends on a gentle note, with an appreciated hug and a smile for the memory.